Whether you're just beginning to raise a family, putting away money for education or retirement, considering the purchase or sale of a business, or thinking about how to provide a legacy for your children, careful planning is a must. While we work closely with each client to maintain a holistic view of the broad wealth management process, we understand that there are also times when a specific financial goal requires a specific financial blueprint. Based on your needs and resources, our planning specialists can help you lay the groundwork for achieving one or more financial objectives.  
Estate, retirement, investment, and education planning 
Effective retirement planning means more than simply setting aside money for the future. Our financial planning professionals have helped a wide range of clients plan their retirement investment strategies. Our objective is to fulfill our clients' lifestyle requirements and their hopes for future generations. 
Asset Allocation Strategies 
Your investments play a key role in maintaining your lifestyle. An evaluation of your retirement plan assets, along with recommendations as to possible improvements is crucial; postponement can be disastrous. We will engage you in discussion regarding asset allocation, risk and reward, diversification, tax ramifications, portfolio construction, beneficiary designations and many other topics.  
Business-Succession Planning 
Planning for continuation of the business in the event of any absence on your part or for succession or sale of the business when you are ready to turn over the reins are areas in which we can supply some expertise.  
Insurance review and solutions 
During a thorough review of your existing insurance by a Private Banker we will ask detailed questions and, by carefully listening to your answers, be able to present options that better manage your risk and enhance your coverage.  
Not a deposit - Not FDIC insured - Not insured by any federal government agency - Not guaranteed by the bank - May lose value 
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