Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Take advantage of life’s opportunities and manage unexpected emergencies with a Consumer Loan or Personal Line of Credit. Whatever your need—cash for home improvements, a car or fixing a life emergency—we have a loan or line of credit geared toward your exact situation. Get in touch with our friendly loan experts to find your fit! 

Personal Loans

Taking out a Personal Loan from Arizona Bank & Trust is a great way to get the funds needed for a special one-time purchase. You have the option of a fixed- or variable-interest rate and can secure the loan with collateral such as your car, mobile home or recreational vehicle. You can even set up AutoPay from your checking account to receive our lowest rate!

Lines of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit is similar to a credit card, as it provides additional funds if you want to make ongoing purchases or have variable borrowing needs. It can also be used to protect your checking account from overdrafts. Funds are transferred into your checking account in $100 increments, providing you a less expensive alternative to overdraft charges.