Gary Ost 
Senior Loan Officer 
Office: 602.553.7821 
Cell: 602.576.6688 
Fax: 602.553.7865 
NMLS ID#: 249300 
Hello.  I’m Gary Ost. I am a Senior Loan Officer.  I am passionate, enthusiastic and highly motivated.  I enjoy being part of a team that is committed to growth and success.  As an experienced professional in the marketing field, I feel that helping people find products that they need or desire is a creative and satisfying activity.  
I attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio receiving a minor in Psychology, 1978.  I graduated from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York with a BBA in Marketing, minors in Economics and Finance, 1981. 
Since 1981, I have been active in the insurance, investment and mortgage industries.  I have been successful selling insurance policies, investment-related products and residential loans.  I started my career with  Equitable Life Assurance.  In 1984 I opened my own insurance agency, GS OST Financial Services, Inc.,  
As the years passed, my goal was to build my clientele base and service their ongoing increasing financial needs through life, health, disability and property/casualty insurance products.  I also managed deferred annuities for my clients.  
In 1996 I began investigating the mortgage industry and its products as another financial tool that I may offer my clients.  I now have 17 years experience in the mortgage industry.  This included Loan Officer positions at Acacia National Mortgage,’94-‘95, Mortgage Approved, ‘95-‘00, The Mortgage Outlet, ’01-’04, Mortgage Experts, ’04-’08, First Choice Bank, ’08-‘12 (formerly First National Bank/Pacific Coast Mortgage) and Bank of America, ’12-’13.                                                             
Awards that I have earned include: 
Bank of America:       
Top Funder - April 2013 
Top Converter – January, February, March, April 2013 
Customer Service - October 2012, March 2013 
First Choice Bank: 
Top Funder – 2010, 2011           
Mortgage Experts: 
Top Funder - 2005, 2006, 2007 
During my career, in addition to selling, I gained much experience recruiting, training and managing a sales force for insurance, investment and mortgage products.  What I discovered was a sales career that I am very good at and which provides me great personal satisfaction.  I feel a deep sense of personal accomplishment when a client pays a fee for delivering their product.  That validates my ability.   
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