Rick Sheldon 
Mortgage Loan Officer 
NMLS ID#: 502126 
Jill Sheldon 
Mortgage Loan Officer 
NMLS ID#: 862859 
p: (480) 636-7555 
m: (480) 353-7586 
f: (602) 553-7868 
“Changing lives…….One great loan at a time”, has been our team motto since 2002.  
That motto has continued to fuel our growth in this amazing market for almost 11 years. We are proud to say that we have worked with only a few major lenders during our careers, and have never worked exclusively in the brokerage world. We realized early on that what makes our team more valuable to you wasn’t just our mortgage programs, but our ability to complete and close your loan package on time with no excuses, just integrity of service.  We have accomplished our record, of on time closings, by making sure that all the parties involved in the transaction understood their part in the process and received a total commitment from them up front. Without that partnership, we would be unable to exceed our industries’ current level of performance. We realize that things in the real estate lending market have changed and may continue to change over time, and those changes in guidelines have made all our jobs a little more challenging. That said; we know there’s a great number of buyers who still have the desire and ability to benefit from this amazing market and are in need of a great mortgage team. We believe that Team Sheldon is that mortgage team. In spite of everything that you might be hearing, there is an abundance of mortgage dollars available at rates that are the lowest we’ve ever seen and mortgage products for almost every buyer. We have a 98.8% application to funding ratio and we’d like to put that percentage to work for you.                                                                                                                   
Thank you for your time, call us today at 480.636.7555 for your no cost mortgage analysis.                                                                                                                                                                      
Rick and Jill Sheldon 
Your Arizona Bank and Trust Mortgage Team 
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